Downloads are from CRAN/Bioconductor/anaconda, updated on 2021-11-25.


Data analysis

  • simplifyEnrichment: Simplify functional enrichment results. Bioc GitHub stars
  • cola: A Framework for Consensus Partitioning. Bioc GitHub stars
  • rGREAT: Client of GREAT analysis. Bioc GitHub stars
  • CePa: centrality-based pathway enrichment. CRAN
  • GeneSummary: RefSeq Gene Summaries. Bioc GitHub stars

Other tools

  • pkgndep: Check the Heaviness of Package Dependencies. CRAN GitHub stars
  • bsub: Submitter and monitor of LSF cluster. CRAN GitHub stars
  • GetoptLong: wrapper of the Perl module Getopt::Long, also provides a simple variable interpolation in R. CRAN GitHub stars
  • GlobalOptions: setting global options in R. CRAN GitHub stars



Package status

Package GitHub Actions bioc-devel bioc-release
circlize R-CMD-check - -
spiralize R-CMD-check - -
GetoptLong R-CMD-check - -
GlobalOptions R-CMD-check - -
bsub R-CMD-check - -
pkgndep R-CMD-check - -
simplifyEnrichment R-CMD-check
ComplexHeatmap R-CMD-check
InteractiveComplexHeatmap R-CMD-check
EnrichedHeatmap R-CMD-check
HilbertCurve R-CMD-check
gtrellis R-CMD-check
rGREAT R-CMD-check
cola R-CMD-check
GeneSummary R-CMD-check